Additional Services

Hand walking - $15 per half hour
Holding horse for vet or farrier - $5.00
Tack Cleaning - $25.00
Braiding - $10.00
Grooming - $10.00
One day full care (for self care boarders), includes stall cleaning, watering, turning out horse, and feeding the horse (supplies provided by owner) - $15.00

Full Board = $550 per month

Included w/ full board:

Daily turnout (weather permitting) We will turn the horse out in the morning, and bring it in for you in the evening.

We provide hay ~ you provide grain

Regular watering and bucket cleaning.

Stall cleaned daily

Group Turnout (mares and geldings are separated)

Blanket Changes

We will administer supplements provided by the owner at no additional charge

Full access to our facility

Partial Board = $350 per month

Owner must provide their own grain and hay. We will provide bedding.
Included w/Partial Board:

Daily Turnout (weather permitting). We will turn the horse out in the morning.

We will feed the horse in the mornings.

We will water the horse on a regular basis, however owner is responsible for keeping buckets scrubbed clean.

Blanket Changes in the morning.

We will administer supplements (provided by the owner)  if requested at no additional charge.

Full access to our facility.

Self Care Board = $200 per month (outdoor stall only)

Owner must provide their own grain, hay and bedding.

Included w/Self Care Board:

Daily Turnout  (weather permitting). Owner must turn out the horse in the AM

Owner must clean stall daily, and provide their own bedding.

Owner must provide their own blanket changes.

Owner must provide and administer their own supplements.

Owner is responsible for watering the horse.

If you cannot make it to the barn, you can hire Rowlett Creek Stables to take care of feeding, cleaning, etc in your absence.

Full access to our facility.